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  • 09-627-2007

Atithidevo Bhava (अतिथिदेवो भव); English: 'The guest is equivalent to God'

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Carol Griffith

Posted on Feb Wed 15 01:34 2017 in: Blog

The food was awesome, Beautiful mild flavors and food was delicious.


Nirmal Kanth

Posted on Feb Wed 15 02:11 2017 in: Blog

We ate Butter Chicken, I could never forget the taste, I felt like we are eating in Punjab, Such an Authentic taste, Thanks to Chats at ShorBazaar.


Dean Kinni

Posted on Apr Thu 27 22:05 2017 in: Blog

Went, to this amazing place on recommendation from my Indian friend. Food was great. We had butter chicken, and naan bread was so soft. Onion Baji was great. Very satisfied. I recommend this place.



Posted on May Sat 27 14:25 2017 in: Blog

Ordered takeaway last night. Was told it would be 30 minutes. Turned up at 30 minutes to pick it up with the kids. Had to wait another 30 minutes. Didn't bother to let us know what was happening, just kept saying 2 minutes. Tried to buy us off by offering a can of coke and giving my kids lollies without asking. Got home to discover only 1 naan bread when I'd ordered 2, the butter chicken only had 5 pieces of chicken and the Korma was so spicy it was inedible - particularly distressing as had ordered for the kids and had told them that at time of ordering when I asked for mild. Terrible service, we won't be back.


Vaibhav Gupta

Posted on Aug Tue 15 20:36 2017 in: Blog

Loved the taste.. I recommend for pure Indian Authenticity.



Posted on Jul Sat 14 22:19 2018 in: Blog

Hi i had a wonderful experience having dinner here with my family.